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Katie Calahan

I think that the character is interesting. Even if Blake will always be my favorite.. But I seriously don’t understand why JLH is ugly ? JJ, Prentiss, Seaver are gorgeous, JLH is also beautiful, why this haircut ? Why she is always wearing black clothes ? Please Katie, a smile ! Just a smile.

I guess she is strong because the fans were very nasty with her when she didn’t even start to play ! She is courageous and she is doing a good job.
I like her. 

The tv show is getting boring, it is not her fault. I guess the fact she is Erica Messer’s friend is important. I don’t think she would join the BAU team without this friendship ; )

But she is interesting. Thanks to her, I was excited to watch an episode ! 

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I read your opinions and will write mine.

Your opinions about Kate Callahan ?

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